Major Problems with Common Core


What Is Common Core?


The Common Core standards are national standards portrayed as state-led and voluntary that are being implemented by Washington DC trade groups funded by the federal government and unaccountable, private foundations. 

  • These standards are accompanied by federally funded and supervised national tests and model curriculum that will drive curriculum choices because the tests results will determine student advancement, teacher pay and tenure, and district funding.

  • Every aspect of your child’s school and personal life including all their interactions with their teachers will be monitored from “cradle to career” by a massive database shared with the federal government, other states, researchers and private corporations without consent.

  • The standards are poor quality and untested, and the system will be financially unsustainable, ensnare home and private schooled students, and will result in a managed labor system for the needs of business and the state.

This system is antithetical to educating our children to be free citizens that maintain our republic, has failed everywhere it has been tried, and must be stopped.


Trump Is The Only Candidate Pledged To End Common Core






Take Action To Stop Common Core



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