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At the heart of our Federal System is the belief that the States are the laboratories of dynamics and innovation and that the role of the federal government is to be restricted.

Common Core and programs like it are the result of 50+ years of aggressive growth in federal power and over reach.   It is essence of the technocrat belief that Washington DC knows more about educating children than either their parents or their state government.

The political nature of this battle is unavoidable and a choice must be made as to who best represents your views on education.

We who, assembled and support this site, call ourselves Republican along the lines of the abolitionist founders of the GOP and as such look to a decentralized and representative approach to education.

And we strongly believe in the need for building civic associations.

Alec de Tocqueville in his landmark work “Democracy in America” described how essential “civic associations” were to the American’s of his era as the only counter balance to those with wealth and political power.

In that light we will include such civic associations we see being a counter balance to the purveyors of Common Core.


Hawaii Federation of Republican Women

Pro family GOP women working to build a new republican majority in Hawaii.

Website: HFRW.US


Hawaii Future Project


Our data base site to assemble contact information and build a coalition of activist and concerned parents.

Website: Hawaii Future Project. Com



Prepare for Contacting your Legislators and Governor:    As we grow in numbers we will be seeking legislators to support our efforts to dump common core.    This is where the sign ups and the ability to contact you will be critical, we will need your involvement and political influence with your Representative.



Inform your Friends and Neighbors:  While emails can be a great way to communicate, a personal discussion is much better. Some write letters detailing why they are concerned and hand-deliver them to friends and neighbors.


Contact your Legislators and School Administrators:     If you feel comfortable, and express your concerns.     Find out where they stand or if they are also concerned about this curriculum.   Show your appreciation for support.   Alert us of any outcomes we should know about as we prepare our game plans for legislation.


Be respectful and Calm as you Make your Case:  Most who are part of the legislative or educational system are not responsible for bringing Common Core to your school. Many teachers believe it will help them do their job better. Being combative will hurt your progress. Use the facts and your principles to win them over.


Be Confident:  These are your children and your tax dollars. Nobody has more business discussing this than you do!


Be Creative and take Initiative:   Get with others in your community and encourage them to sign into Hawaii Future Project . Use your influence to gather and share information. Look for ways to get the word out and do the things that will make a difference.


 <<<<<   Please Use The “Contact form” Tab To Send Us With Any Questions You May Have.

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