Analyst: Vigilance key to countering Common Core progressivism


Analyst: Vigilance key to countering Common Core progressivism

Bob Kellogg   ( Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An education policy analyst says parents should remain on the lookout for Common Core-aligned lessons that reflect a “progressive” slant on topics, including some possibly promoting Islam.

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes reported just before Christmas that students at Farmville Central High in North Carolina were given a vocabulary worksheet promoting the Muslim prophet Muhammad and other facets of the Islamic religion. According to that report, parents became concerned that the lesson – purportedly aligned with Common Core standards for English Language Arts – exposed their children to the Muslim faith.

But Jane Robbins, senior fellow with the Washington, DC-based American Principles Project, tells OneNewsNow that parents needn’t be overly concerned.

Robbins, Jane (APP)






“Common Core doesn’t include content about religions and whether you should teach anything about Islam or any of that,” she explains. “In fact, one problem with Common Core is that it includes so little content. It’s really just sort of useless, empty skill set. So Common Core is not dictating to schools that they teach sympathetic things about Islam.”
Nonetheless, Robbins says educational progressives are trying to promote Islam.

“What is happening is that the big textbook publishers and the companies that put out the instructional material are churning out lessons like this that have this kind of progressive – and in some cases, pro-Islam – bent to them,” she acknowledges.

“And then all of these instructional materials and textbooks are said to be aligned with Common Core – then schools have them and then parents complain.”

When Starnes asked the school district for vocabulary worksheets promoting Judaism, Christianity, and the Hindu faith, the school didn’t respond.

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