West Virgina House fo Delagates votes to repeal Common Core standards

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – On Saturday the West Virginia House of Delegates voted 75 to 19 to repeal the Common Core State Standards adopted by the West Virginia State Board of Education in 2010 and the Next Generation Content Standards and Objective adopted in 2011.

HB 2934 whose lead sponsor is State Delegate Amanda Pasdon (R-Morgantown) directs the State Board of Education on or before July 16, 2015 begin a review process that repeals those standards, forbids the use of a Common Core aligned assessment including, but not limited to, Smarter Balanced Assessments, and ensure the standards are revised so West Virginia students will be adequately prepared for college and careers.

The bill also would establish a stakeholder commission and standards review committees to participate in the review of new standards. The bill requires public comment including four public town hall sessions. It also requires frequent reporting to the Legislature. The bill also states that the board can only require one statewide summative assessment per school year. It also forbids the collection of confidential student information and the disclosure of personally identifiable student information.

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