Psychological Manipulation in Common Core

Even a basic examination of government documents and federally funded model curriculum for the National Head Start Standards (the “baby Common Core”) and the Common Core English Language Arts Standards reveals evidence that the plan for the standards and assessments is to teach, test, and monitor far more than academic knowledge. 
Rather, there is abundant evidence that the effort is to teach  social values, whether they are in line with family values or not; monitor them under the guise of “socio-emotional health;” and record them in the mandatory state longitudinal databases that are shared with the federal government, outside researchers, and corporations.
This data will follow students throughout their lives. How well teachers ingrain these psychological attitudes into their students will be monitored and measured throughout their careers by the outcomes of the high stakes testing associated with Common Core that will determine teacher pay and tenure.

Common Core schools in various parts of the U. S. have begun to require students (without parental knowledge) to take the Pearson Clinical Tests. The questions on these tests contain very personal questions. Teachers (as seen on the BASC-2 link below) enter personal, subjective observations about their students into the Pearson database. Pearson’s privacy policy says they will share the information with their contractors and that the policy can change without notice.  However, the contractors have no privacy policy. It is not a stretch to imagine that students’ personally identifiable information could indeed be used against them for college admissions and/or future employment.


LINK TO PEARSON’S TRACKING:  Form BASC-2 Behavior and Emotional Screening System


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